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Welcome to the BIBS Changying learning community. BIBS Changying is dedicated to providing quality education with the best of Chinese and Western cultures fused together in a loving, caring and supportive environment.

In our campus, we have a firm belief that every child has the ability to learn far more than they ever thought possible. We strive to create a school environment that is engaging and inspires a love of learning. We are committed to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to achieve success in a safe and supportive environment. We would welcome the opportunity to show parents around our school campus and discuss together why enrolling at our campus would be a great decision for your whole family.

Nathan Gray

Principal, BIBS Changying

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BIBS Chengdu
BIBS Kunming
BIK Chenggong
BIK Chengmai
BIK Jingkai
BIK Nanjing

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BIK Haidian Academy
BIK Solana
BIK Shunyi Tianzhu
BIK Yangshan
BIK Wangjing
BIK Xiandaicheng
BIK Joypark
BIK Changying
BIK ChangQingTeng
BK Huairou Yianyuan
BIBS Changying
BIBS Haidian Academy
BIBS Shunyi Tianzhu
BIBS Upper East Side

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