1. Does your school accept Chinese (foreign) passport holders?

Yes. We welcome all students who wants to join our community.

2. Do you have a selective Admissions process?

Yes. Chinese and English language Testing occurs at the time of application

3. How can I arrange a visit to your school?

Simply contact our reception and arrange a time and date

4. Do you accept students with learning needs?

It depends on the type and the severity in accordance with the school’s resources and capacity to support the student as well as the overall impact on other students.

5. When is the best time to apply to your school?

At any time of the year

6. Can a student join your school mid - year?

Yes, but we always encourage parents and students join us at the beginning of a school year.

7. Do you offer boarding or homestay option at your school?

No, we do not offer boarding or homestay.

8. What curriculum do you teach at your school?

Chinese National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

9. Do you have qualified teaching staff?

Yes. We only employ qualified teachers. All staff are university degree qualified.

10. How do you support a new student to settle in well at your school?

We have a strong Homeroom system and teacher assistants in every Grade to support new students as well as a very experienced leadership team.

11. Do you offer English as an Additional Language assistance?

Yes. We have qualified staff to provide extra language support.

12. What is your usual class size?

Maximum of 22 students.

13. What co-curricular and extra-curricular activities does your school offer?

A comprehensive ASA program as well as school choir and dance groups.

14. How many languages can my child learn at your school?

English and Chinese

15. Does your school organize any educational trips for the students?

Yes. There are field trips approx. every 4-6 weeks for all students

16. Can we transfer from one BIBS school to another?

Yes. Mutual agreement between Schools and standard enrolment applications are required.

17. Do you offer school bus transportation?

Yes, we do offer school bus with different routes those could cover most of area of Chaoyang district.

18. Do you offer lunch service at your school?

Yes, we selected a very high standard food company which support a lot of international schools as our lunch vender.

19. Do you have an AQI policy?

Yes. If the AQI is above 150 students stay inside, we check the AQI and pollutions everyday.

20. Do you have a Parent Association? How can new parents join the PTA?

Yes. Applications take place at the start of each year and any parent can apply.